Emperors Palace Launches Streaming Broadcast Studio

Thursday, November 12, 2020

With COVID-19 changing the way we do business, Emperors Palace is offering a new solution to customers looking to connect with an audience without filling a room with hundreds of delegates that need to social distance.
The Palace of Dreams located in Kempton Park has partnered with virtual events company Eventcast  to launch a new Live Streaming Broadcast Studio named Studio Iris. Named for the messenger from Roman mythology, Studio Iris is a state of the art and fully customisable studio, which uses digital technology to broadcast a client’s message out effectively and professionally, whether is for business, entertainment or private functions, including: board meetings, talks and seminars, product presentations, awards shows, interviews and much more.

‘The world is different now and lockdown has taught us that some people like to work and be in contact remotely,’ says Peermont Hospitality Executive Dave Milne. With programs like Zoom or Teams, you can connect to anyone in the world and not have to leave your own environment. It saves money, it saves time and you don’t have to travel. Studio Iris is the perfect solution to connect with your audience and get your message out clearly.’

Studio Iris is manned by broadcast professionals and features high resolution LED screens as a backdrop which can be used to create any possible digital background, from cityscapes to graphic branding. The room is acoustically treated and the broadcast has an uninterrupted connection via the internet to any location on site, locally and globally. It’s compatible with all the popular hosting platforms (MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Webinar Jam, youTube Live, FaceBook Live) and broadcasts up to 1080 pixel Full HD Resolution. The team are trained to cater to all needs and the configuration is flexible to a client’s needs and provides a helping hand with AutoQue scripting and presentation preview monitors.
‘Technology today is marvellous,’ says  Eventcast Managing Director Marius van Rooyen. ‘With Studio Iris the potential is unlimited and your live broadcast can look like it comes from anywhere in the world. Our technology makes sure its professional and without any interruptions.’

Studio Iris is available for bookings – for more information visit:
Or contact the Peermont Sales Team on +27 (0)11 928 1903 or email
For more information on the COVID-19 health and safety protocols for Emperors Palace, visit  Emperors Palace is a Peermont resort. Visit and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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